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September 27, 2017
January 2018 Update to iPhone & Android App
January 10, 2018 Our Updated Website (click for more info)

The BAS website launched this weekend with an updated look, but more importantly has been redesigned with an even greater emphasis on YOU!  Getting YOU the information YOU need when YOU need it.  Information about the benefits and services that BAS offers and how you can incorporate those benefits whether you are a participant of a plan or an employer looking into the idea of self-funded health plans.

A few items we wanted to highlight:

  • Your logins to the health portal were NOT affected (you can use the same username/password you have always used)
  • We kept the navigation similiar to the prior version of the website to make the transition smooth.
  • Under the “Members” menu we added a Forms & Resource Center were you can have access to forms without logging into the portal.
  • Once you login to the health portal you now have the ability to “Send Us Your Documents” by clicking on the link on the right side menu bar.

Thank You and should you encounter any issues please call our Member Experience team at (800) 843-3831.