Reporting & Advanced Analytics

Data is only data until it is transformed into actionable information, which can then allow our clients, producers, and BAS to better analyze, plan, and manage health care costs.

As a core service, BAS provides online access to our Advanced Analtyics tool which provides an exhaustive list of standard reports for any time frame. The system also allows creation of ad hoc reports and drill-down abilities as the end-user.

Our BAS professionals work closely with our clients and consultants to assist the client in implementing effective strategies for optimal plan management and performance.

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Advanced Analytics is a cloud-based decision-support service featuring more than 55 standard applications, custom filtering and integrated ad hoc reporting. Included with Data Analysis and Reporting is Advanced Clinical Analysis and Plan Modeling and Forecasting functionality.

You will have the ability to review data at the plan level or drill-down to diagnosis, procedure, provider or other plan details, including individual claim and EOB. All reporting applications can be scheduled and an integrated report packager allows users to build and save comprehensive reports. All output can be exported with one-click to Microsoft Word, Excel, CSV and PDF.


  • Health plan utilization and cost analysis by provider, procedure or diagnosis
  • Frequency and cost information associated with key health service groups
  • Health expenditures for specified time period, company or department
  • Graphical summaries of expenditure, discounts and cost sharing arrangements
  • Comparisons to benchmark data by industry, location and size
  • Prescription drug utilization resulting from preventable medical conditions
  • Summary-level trend analysis by diagnosis groups and employee age groups
  • Graphical and data analysis tools for managing high claimant situations
  • Flexible data query by user-defined selection criteria
  • Ability to export data to spreadsheetsor database files

Clinical Prediction – featuring Johns Hopkins ACG® System

Included within Advanced Analytics, Clinical Prediction functionality puts predictive modeling in the hands of users through a proven and user-friendly model. The clinical risk and cost components integrate key analytical information, including population risk, gaps in care and episode grouping. These components are derived from customer, vendor and commercially produced sources. Clinical analytics functionality features the Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups ACG® System predictive modeling engine and benchmark data set.

About the Johns Hopkins ACG® System

The Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups® (ACG®) System offers a unique approach to measuring morbidity that improves accuracy and fairness in evaluating provider performance, identifying patients at high risk, forecasting healthcare utilization and setting equitable payment rates. The ACG System measures the morbidity burden of patient populations based on disease patterns, age and gender.