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Thank you for selecting BAS Employee Benefits as your TPA partner.

As our partner in servicing our clients you will have access to administer your client’s employee benefits plans down to the member level, as well as a multitude of reporting capabilities. We have created a menu of standard reports, but you will also have the ability to create reports or request reports giving you the ability to help your clients meet the expectations of their Plans.

A Portal Experience Built with a Purpose

Built for Members

Members have access to everything they need in simple to navigate and easy to digest format. Right out of the gate the portal contains their accumulator information, plan documents, benefit schedules, virtual ID cards, network information, formulary lists and secure messaging capabilities with our customer service team.

Built for Employers

Employers made the decision to go with a TPA as a way to take more control of their health plan. As both a large line item on financial sheets and a tool for recruitment & employee investment the selection and delivery of employer sponsored health plans have never been so important. Our portal gives our employers access to the tools and capabilities they need.

Built for Producers

As the trusted adviser to your clients you assist them in formulating a plan that is right for their business. Our portal was built with the flexibility to add the information, videos, documentation and links to additional benefits and ancillary services you may bring in addition to the services provided by BAS.

Built for Mobile

The BAS portal is also available as a native iOS and android mobile app allowing our members to take their tools with them on the go. In addition BAS has developed SMS (Text) communication functionality to keep members engaged.

Built for Tomorrow

We are always looking at ways to provide a greater experience to our members. We roll-out enhancements to the portal monthly, sometimes small, sometimes large but always mighty!

Simplified. Accessible.

With our BAS Health app, navigating your healthcare plan has never been easier. Access your Virtual ID Card, view claims activity and plan information, and communicate with our Member Services team at your convenience.

Total Coverage

BAS' thirty plus years performing at the top of the TPA market has afforded them relationships that no other TPA can duplicate. BAS has access to over 50 local, regional and national provider networks allowing us to provide deeper discounts and better access. We also work with our clients to develop direct contracting, specialty networks, and cost plus models.

Reference Based Pricing

Healthplan reimbursement based on the fair market value of the services rendered.

Data Driven Pricing

Reference Based Pricing (RBP), also commonly known as Cost Plus Pricing, offers self-insured plans a defined benefit structure based on more economical reimbursement levels designed to be fair and reasonable to providers based on various pricing data sets, most notably Medicare.

Employers are driving a trend toward alternative medical cost management seeking reprieve from inflated medical pricing and PPO overpayment. It is apparent we are paying too much for our care, and RBR is a solution growing exponentially in use that provides patient’s choice, saves employers money, and provides quality care. RBR eliminates the need for a PPO.

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BAS' Health Data Analytics (HDA) platform offers over 65 different pre-defined reports that give the client insight into the performance of your health benefit plan. On-demand reporting organizes health claim data while comparing diagnoses, procedure costs and utilization patterns. The HDA platform also boasts an industry leading flexible query tool with the ability to get to the data you need.

One Call Resolution


Monday through Friday 7:00am - 8:00pm CST: (800) 843-3831

Customer Service

BAS Customer Care

To meet the needs of our clients, BAS has access to over 50 local, regional and national provider networks allowing us to provide deeper discounts and better access. We also work with our clients to develop direct contracting, specialty networks, and cost plus models. The list below does not represent all of our network partners, but it provides a snapshot of networks which may fit your needs.

For network questions or to learn more about how we can create a custom network configuration for your member populations contact a BAS Sales Executive: 800-523-0582.

PPO provider networks are an essential piece of employer’s benefit plans.