Customer Service

One Call Resolution

Our Dedicated Member Service Team believes firmly in “One Call Resolution”. Our representatives are here to assist our members through any complex medical billing issues and provide a better understanding of their healthcare benefits.

7:00am - 8:00pm CST: (800)843-3831

Above & Beyond: Dedicated Member Service

Our team motto is “Above & Beyond”, meaning we will spend as much time as needed with our members including:

  • Quoting benefits & eligibility. Our team is prepared to ask the member clarifying questions to assure accurate information is given. Example: Place of service, routine vs diagnostic, etc.
  • Conferencing in a provider on the line to discuss a billing dispute
  • Assist a member in locating a participating provider
  • Assist a member in scheduling a doctor’s appointment
  • Emailing proof of coverage
  • Claim status Example: Going over a breakdown of the claim charges, discussing any covered services vs non covered services, emailing an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

There for YOU: Personal Assistant Service (PAS)

Our Personal Assistant Service (PAS) is a unique program offering outbound calls to members identified as experiencing a catastrophic illness or injury. The Personal Assistant Service will help with all aspects of the treatment plan, including coordinating calls with the Case Manager and physician. We want you to focus on recovering if a catastrophic illness or injury occurs – that’s why our Personal Assistant Service will be with you throughout your treatment plan to ease the burden of coordinating care.

  • Proactive approach focusing on getting the member healthy following a catastrophic illness or injury
  • Assisting a member with reconciling all claim activity
  • Working with providers to resolve "balance due" and "duplicate billing" issues
  • Coordinate payments between multiple benefit plans and Medicare
  • Coordinate care with the Case Manager and physician, if necessary

Personal Assistance Services

How a shoebox of medical bills shaped our customer culture

Carl was diagnosed with cancer. Struggling to keep up with the management of medical bills as well as deal with his illness, he quickly accumulated close to $800,000 in outstanding medical bills. Carl was a group member at BAS, and his wife contacted us - desperate for help.

The resulting actions taken by BAS staff paved the way for the Personal Assistance Model.