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Thank you for selecting BAS as the administrator for your self-funded plan.

By logging into MYBASHealthPortfolio, you will have access to administration of your plan down to the member level, as well as a multitude of reporting capabilities. We have created a menu of standard reports, but you will also have the ability to create reports or request reports to meet your specific needs.

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Employer Demo Portal Training

A Portal Experience by Design

Designed for Communication

The Employer Portal includes a secure message feature that allows you to contact our Customer Service department to ask questions that will be assigned a unique tracking ID. You will then be alerted via email when a response is waiting for you.

Designed for Doing

The Employer Portal was built around our service request module. The service request module allows our Employer admins to submit a number of requests that are strategically routed to the experts within our organizations. These service requests include New Enrollment, Terminations, Coverage Changes, Dependent Adds, Ask A Question, Document Submission, ID Card Requests and more..

Designed for Custom Content

Does your plan have ancillary benefits, forms, links or videos you woudl like to showcase to your members through the health portal? We can work with you to customize the experience for your members. Adding a dedicated page, additional forms, or more is what this portal was designed for.

Designed to Find

Depending on your plan setup and permissions our portal makes it easy to find the claims or eligibility information you are looking for quickly. Boasting both Basic and Advanced Search options getting the information has never been easier.

Reference Based Pricing

Healthplan reimbursement based on the fair market value of the services rendered.

Data Driven Pricing

Reference Based Pricing (RBP), also commonly known as Cost Plus Pricing, offers self-insured plans a defined benefit structure based on more economical reimbursement levels designed to be fair and reasonable to providers based on various pricing data sets, most notably Medicare.

Employers are driving a trend toward alternative medical cost management seeking reprieve from inflated medical pricing and PPO overpayment. It is apparent we are paying too much for our care, and RBR is a solution growing exponentially in use that provides patient’s choice, saves employers money, and provides quality care. RBR eliminates the need for a PPO.

Interested in Learning More About Vendors?

To meet the needs of our clients, BAS has access to over 50 local, regional and national provider networks allowing us to provide deeper discounts and better access. We also work with our clients to develop direct contracting, specialty networks, and cost plus models. The list below does not represent all of our network partners, but it provides a snapshot of networks which may fit your needs.

For network questions or to learn more about how we can create a custom network configuration for your member populations contact a BAS Sales Executive: 800-523-0582.

PPO provider networks are an essential piece of employer’s benefit plans.



ProviderPlatform is our exclusive collection of tools and resources to help physicians, hospitals and health care professionals quickly and efficiently get the information they need to service our members.