The BAS Difference

Understanding the complex health care system and the various ways costs savings can be generated is often overlooked.

BAS brings together the advantages of bundled and unbundled benefit administration, giving the employer control and flexibility. In addition, we bring the best of class in vendor partners to master the Plan goals. No cookie-cutter at BAS. We utilize our partners, tools, and services that create a robust partially self-funded plan as unique as each client.


Health Care Plan Industry Leaders

As a testament to the capabilities of BAS and the depth of our vendor relationships, we have been selected by a number of vendor partners to be the leaders in product development and rollout to the market.


Personal Service

BAS believes in providing customers with personal, one-on-one service to support their health care needs.


Performance Standards

We are confident we can meet our performance standards and therefore include a standard performance guarantee in each administrative agreement.


Custom Health Care Plan Design

In partnership with our clients and producers, BAS puts the customer first in designing a custom health benefit plan, including the flexibility to use the best in class vendors they select.


Premier Networks

BAS has access to 50+ local, regional, and national PPO networks, including exclusive access to some networks. We also direct contract, design specialty networks, provide cost plus models, and actively pursue out-of-network discounts. This means broader provider networks and deeper discounts.