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Information Request(s):

ATTENTION: If any requested information concerning a plan participant’s eligibility, coverage or claims is not provided within this website, please call our Customer Service at (800) 523-0582.


This website provides an electronic summary of plan benefits and eligibility and as such is not a guarantee of payment or a final determination of current eligibility. Only an employer can verify eligibility. The information is provided as of the requested date, and Benefit Administrative Systems does not assume any obligation to notify you of any changes in benefits or eligibility. Not every charge or type of service may be covered under a plan. Actual benefits are subject to all plan terms, definitions, limitations, and exclusions in effect on the date of service. This includes any limitation of exclusion relating to preexisting conditions, medical necessity or usual and reasonable charges as contained in the Summary Plan Description. Eligibility for coverage depends on the employee’s and/or dependent’s current employment, martial, dependent, disability or student status. The information provided is based on the latest information we have available from the employer, but may not include changes in eligibility status that may be known to the employee or dependent.

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